Why Tim

The Facilities Monitor

Low powered monitors collect auditable data for management in order to control the day to day running of any building. This

data provides evidence of staff carrying out their duties to keep the environment clean and safe in order to provide a better service to your customers and the community.

Reports in real time are available to view using existing internet enabled computers, showing events. This data is transmitted to support the company’s policies and procedures regarding the day to day operation.


Do you…

  • Operate a time consuming paper trail?
  • Have problems understanding staffing levels?
  • Find problems with time management?
  • Spend hours looking for historical documents?
  • Generate audit reports?
  • Get weighed down by too much paperwork?

TIM can help with…

  • Staff routing and numbers
  • Time management
  • Duty of care to both staff and customers
  • Defence of insurance claims
  • Audit reports
  • Health and safety
  • Much more