TIM has a wealth of knowledge ready for you to tap into. With our monitor we manage the results quickly and efficiently to make sure you can maintain an unblemished record of performance whichever sector you’re in.

Typical areas of operation:

  • Leisure Centres,
  • Restrooms,
  • Plant Rooms,
  • Wards,
  • Waste Collection Points,
  • Security,
  • Office or Floor CLeaning,
  • Timekeeping,

If there is an area that you could see TIM applied to that does not appear on the list above, TIM can also adapt to your organisation’s requirements through our bespoke design service, all you have to do is Just Ask TIM

Other people that know TIM say…


“Working with the team from TIM has been a pleasure as their technical skills have been matched with a “can do” attitude in designing bespoke systems for use in a demanding hospital environment

Christine Perry, Assistant Chief Nurse/Director Infection Prevention and Control, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust”

Avin Electronics.

Previously, all our company reporting was done manually and we found that a lot of errors occurred. It was very time consuming and costly to check and amend these inaccuracies. We wanted a system that would simplify the way we operated and give us accurate records 100% of the time. TIM has done just that, reducing staff and management effort, enabling us to concentrate on more pressing areas of responsibility.

Yate Leisure Centre

.“I would certainly recommend the TIM Electronic Reporting System which replaces all too time-consuming paperwork with a ‘real time’ web-based reporting system resulting in improvements to the effectiveness and efficiency of the whole business operation. Within a year of using the TIM System, we were ranked in the top ten highest scorers for Quest mystery visits and subsequently received the ‘Best Leisure Centre Award’ within our own Leisure Trust” –Matt Simmons General Manager of Yate Leisure Centre (Circadian Trust)

Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre

We do not want to go back to a time consuming paper system. The old paper trail system was open to human error, resulting in data being wrong and misleading. We are extremely happy with TIM’s results. We have received letters of praise from our customers, all thanks to TIM.