How TIM Works

It’s all in the process

Your business will have many routine events and processes to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.

TIM is here to assist in collecting, recording and presenting detailed and accurate information. Having access to this valuable information regarding the events and processes,
as and when they happen, is one less thing for management to worry about.

TIM is easy to install, non-disruptive, can be added to, changed or adapted at any time and will continue to give environmental and resource savings.

TIM is simple to set up.
TIM lets your staff generate the reports for you.

TIM lets you focus your expertise on the areas where it’s most required.

TIM can dramatically reduce your paperwork.

TIM units are located where events have to happen so when staff login to these units with robust, reliable and inexpensive identifcation tags, this information is reported back to the manager.